Jennifer Selby Long, Founder & Principal

Jennifer Selby Long, Founder & Principal

Jennifer Selby Long, Founder of Selby Group, LLC, is an expert in accelerating strategic alignment, rapidly developing leadership capabilities, and transforming management teams. Her firm, Selby Group, LLC, empowers successful leaders to dramatically improve their organization’s performance and skillfully overcome the challenges of business transformation, growth, and scale.

Over 3000 leaders and professionals, primarily in the Silicon Valley, have worked with Jennifer in her dual roles as executive and leadership coach and organizational development consultant.

Her clients include leaders at such highly regarded companies as Cisco Systems, LinkedIn, Airbnb, JDS Uniphase, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, as well as the leaders of numerous small companies and start-ups.

These clients leverage Jennifer’s unique skill set to integrate leadership, team, and organizational development directly into their business strategies to achieve extraordinary results. Examples include:

  • Quintupled revenue in two years and successfully integrated a large and challenging acquisition at Cisco Systems.
  • Accelerated the integration of the Sales organizations of two dramatically different cultures, processes, and systems, when Wind Rivers Systems acquired its closest competitor.
  • Rapidly transformed IT at LinkedIn and positioned it for massive scale. Dramatically reduced IT cost per employee while maintaining extraordinary service levels, and achieved the rank of #1 in Computerworld’s prestigious Best Places to Work in IT competition for mid-sized companies and #6 for large companies.
  • Accelerated a struggling business transformation at Barton Brands (now a division of the Sazerac Company) by identifying gaps in the business transformation process and partnering closely with the senior leadership team to improve the organization’s capacity to swiftly and effectively lead and manage large-scale change.

Jennifer is also a thought leader who has been quoted in the New York Times, Univision, Fast Company, Information World, Dice, MSNBC, and the Bulletin of Psychological Type. Recent articles include:

She is the only management consultant featured in the groundbreaking book Engaging Resistance: How Ordinary People Successfully Champion Change, by San Francisco State University business professor Aaron Anderson.

Jennifer strongly believes that leadership, team, and organizational development is firmly rooted in personal development.  As Past President of the International Association for Psychological Type, Jennifer has become a leading expert in the ethical use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to accelerate and deepen transformation in organizations.

She was recently featured at 2015 MBTI® Users Conference where she and a panel of her clients shared how they used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® as a key component of a comprehensive strategy to achieve business goals.

Jennifer also serves on the Advisory Board for the Leadership and Management Program at UC-Berkeley Extension, where she was one of the highest rated instructors in the Extension program.

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