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In the News

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If you missed it last month, it’s not too late to read my advice to Fast Company readers Fast Company Micro-Management Advice from Jennifer Selby Long. You can also check out ... Read more..

2014 Relationship Building Challenge

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For those who are new to the 2014 Relationship Building Challenge, here’s the backstory: on January 3, I recommended making one small change per month this year ( to dramatically ... Read more..

Jennifer Recommends

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Say hello to Selby Group’s newest client, Airbnb’s ITX team! This picture was taken at their first global strategic off-site held at a super-hip gallery in San Francisco’s Jackson Square. If ... Read more..

Five Keys to Managing Hyper-growth

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I am immersed in a world of hyper-growth. All hyper-growth companies struggle with the unrelenting demands of rapid scale. There is no smooth sailing when your company is doubling, tripling, ... Read more..