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Just for Fun

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For a glimpse into a vacation very different from mine, you must check out Maureen Dowd’s journey through Saudi Arabia: Read more..

Five Favorite Techniques to Improve Your Team’s Strategic Thinking

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I was recently in a conversation with a client who joined a new company a few months ago. He observed that his team at the new company approached challenges and ... Read more..

Just for Fun

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I snapped a picture of this irresistible little dog, Louie, at the salon where I get my hair cut. Talk about a dog’s life! I hope you get ... Read more..


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I’ve just learned I’m Member of the Month at The Society for the Advancement of Consulting. SAC® is a global association of successful independent consultants founded in 2004. ... Read more..

I Envision Success In Your Future

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Think back to when you first starting working in your profession. There was quite a bit of variance in the talent and intelligence of your many peers, wasn’t ... Read more..