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May 30th, 2016 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

CIOWebsiteheadingI’d like to thank the CMI-Fisher East Bay CIO Roundtable for hosting a terrific panel discussion on Effectively Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce. They were so open to exploring my recommendations and perspectives on this topic.

Tricia Emerson, President of Emerson Human Capital, moderated the panel. I was joined by Rajeev Behera, CEO of Reflektive; Deidre Paknad, CEO of Workboard; and Margaret Graziano of Keen Alignment.

If you are the CIO of a company in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to connect with other CIO’s over breakfast, check them out at

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July 26th, 2015 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

infoworldIf you are responsible for nurturing potential leaders in engineering, or you are interested in breaking in to management, have I got a hot article for you: InfoWorld Programmers Guide to Breaking into Management.

Ace reporter Paul Heltzel interviewed me, along with an impressive line-up of chief software architects, VP’s of Engineering, and technical recruiters, to create his tightly focused and spot-on list of recommendations.

Likewise, if you are one of the Traveling Light readers who isn’t yet in a management role, first of all, congratulations for thinking ahead and reading this newsletter on a regular basis. You are one smart cookie. Read the InfoWorld article so you can take action today to further your career in the future, even if you aren’t a programmer. Much of the advice is applicable to other professions as well.

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In the News: Fast Company

July 1st, 2015 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »


Are you or is someone you know considering changing careers?

If you are even slightly established in your current career, this can be extremely challenging. However, several of my clients have very successfully pulled this off with aplomb.

Check out my tips in this Fast Company article by Gwen Moran:

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April 27th, 2015 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »


Can we all give it up for the UC-Berkeley Extension certificate program in Leadership and Management? Woot! Woot!

Five years ago, I served on the Advisory Board for this curriculum. With the full encouragement of the program leaders, we recommended dramatic changes to the existing program. The team rolled up their sleeves and set to work creating the new program, which they launched with remarkable speed.

Check out their stats, just five years later:

Enrollment is up 207% (approximately 10x the industry norm)

There are five times as many graduates (and growing)

91% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with the level and quality of instruction

Despite how new it is, 63% of the students say the program has already helped them in their career, with 28% saying it’s too early to tell

In the photo above, you see the smiling faces of the 2015 Advisory Board, who had the great pleasure of hearing this good news and providing guidance on the curriculum for the coming five years.

Eagle-eyed readers might recognize three familiar faces from prior issues of Traveling Light or from working with these fine folks. I’d especially like to thank Program Director Tom McGuire (4th from the left), and my colleagues Don Proctor (3rd from the right) and Han Kim (1st person on the left) for joining us on the board this year. For new readers, I’m right in the middle in that super-snazzy DVF wrap dress.

Interested in learning more about the Leadership and Management Certificate program? Check it out at UC-Berkeley Leadership Certificate.

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November 26th, 2014 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

fastcompanyIf you missed it last month, it’s not too late to read my advice to Fast Company readers Fast Company Micro-Management Advice from Jennifer Selby Long.

You can also check out my tips for readers of’s management blog. The article is about managing older tech workers, at JSL Tips for Managing Older Tech Workers.

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October 26th, 2014 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

fastcompanyIs it ever appropriate to micro-manage employees? Fast Company asked me this question and I surprised everyone by saying, “Yes.”

See my recommendations in Stephanie Vozza’s article at Fast Company Micro-Management Advice from Jennifer Selby Long.

While you’re there, I encourage you to check out her other articles. She writes about interesting people and topics.

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July 29th, 2014 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

11BP_LinkedIn_2I’d like to extend a big congratulations to LinkedIn’s Global Technology Solutions team. LinkedIn ranked #1 in Computerworld’s 2014 Best Places to Work in IT Survey.

I have partnered with the GTS leadership team for almost a year now as their business and executive coach. Their focused efforts to create and sustain a strong culture, build a breakaway strategy to excel at scale, and heavily emphasize professional development have paid off in creating an exceptional place to work.

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November 6th, 2013 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

I was honored to be named WebFWD’s Mensch of the Month for my service as a mentor to open source entrepreneurs, and I absolutely love the name of the award!

I’m the second Mensch, following WebFWD founder, the brilliant entrepreneur and all-around cool dude, Pascal Finette. All entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to think like an entrepreneur, should check out his daily newsletter at

To learn more about the many mentors who worked with WebFWD’s most recent class, go to

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October 25th, 2013 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

JenandKirk1Continuing the entrepreneurial theme this month, Kirk and I attended the WebFWD Global Accelerator Fusion event with accelerator partners Metavallon (Greece) and Rockstart (Holland). Near the end of this event, an entrepreneur with no affiliation to any of the accelerators showed up and passed around these “relaxation glasses.” I don’t know if I was any more relaxed, but I certainly look cool. No? Uh, no.

And speaking of successful entrepreneurs, InfoWorld named WebFWD alum Big Blue Button as one of the best open source applications for 2013. Wowza. Congratulations!

Congratulations also to our client ReTargeter ( who was recently recognized by the Empact Showcase. Now in its third year, the Empact Showcase recognized Arjun Dev Arora, CEO and Founder, as being among the United States’ “Best Companies Started & Run by Young Entrepreneurs”.

In 2012, the companies comprising the Empact Showcase contributed more than 8,500 jobs to the economy, and controlled over $1.3 billion in revenue. Founders in the Empact Showcase will be recognized for their achievements at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in October.

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July 2nd, 2013 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in News No Comments »

Here I am with the awesome team at ReTargeter, thanks to the magic of Photoshop. We were going to do a group picture together at the end of our MBTI workshop, but I got all excited about their professional development commitments, checking how we did against our workshop goals (made it – whew!), and wrapping up, and the next thing I knew, it was 5:30 and I had completely forgotten to take the picture. Nobody who has done an MBTI workshop with me is surprised by this story. One of the things I love about this this team is their energy and focus in getting the job done. As soon as we realized we had forgotten the picture for Traveling Light, two team members came up with this fun solution and by the next morning, it was done.

B2B marketing executives take note – this company is hot, hot, hot! ReTargeter is a full-service display advertising solution specializing in retargeting. Their retargeting solutions enable companies to optimize marketing spend by serving targeted advertisements to people who have previously engaged with you online, whether they’ve read an email, visited the website, searched for relevant keywords or simply signed up for email updates. Their extremely happy clients include Zendesk, Zillow, Brahmin, and Eventbrite. Check out their ROI at

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