Travel Writer Rick Steves

January 26th, 2009 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in Traveling No Comments »

Fans of travel writer Rick Steves, and anyone considering a trip to Spain, can hear me share my favorite tiny Spanish whitewashed hill town on his radio show, “Travel with Rick Steves.” I’m a huge fan of his, and it was so fun to be a guest on his show! He’s every bit as nice live as he is on his TV program. He even sent me the book of my choice as a thank-you.

Just go to to see when the Spain episode will be aired on your local radio station.

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Yu-cah-cah tan

January 12th, 2009 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in Communication, Traveling No Comments »

We’re back from the Mayan Riviera, just south of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula. We enjoyed extreme R&R, made new friends, and learned about Mayan culture and history through a guided tour of the ruins at Tulum. I managed to pick up the cold that’s been going around the world, too, but I’m back in the saddle again after a couple of quiet days at home.

As a professional who spends a lot of time on the subject of communication, I particularly enjoyed learning how the Yucatan area got its name. When the Spaniards arrived, they asked, “What is the name of your country?” to which the Mayans replied (and I will spell this phonetically), “Yu-cah-cah tan.” The Spaniards quickly began shortening the name to Yu-ca-tan and the name stuck.

In Mayan, the phrase “Yu-kah-kah tan” means, “I don’t understand your language.”

I just love that story.

Here are more pictures:



And another:

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I Married a Real Prince

August 9th, 2008 Jennifer Selby Long Posted in Traveling No Comments »

I guess anyone who knows Kirk already knows I’ve found my Prince Charming. But little did I know I really did marry royalty. What you see behind our grins are the walls of Kirk’s family castle in Turegano, Spain.

Kirk’s dad turned up this bit of intriguing family history years ago while doing genealogical research. It turns out Kirk’s mother’s ancestors had been wildly successful medieval war lords who controlled a swath of Castile until they formed an alliance under Queen Isabella in the 15th Century.

The castle is full-on medieval, with a moat, crests showing the family’s affiliations and loyalties, crosses worked into the stonework all over the place, and a massive wall with huge turrets beyond the moat.

Storks with enormous nests sit high atop the façade and towers. They are all over Castille, in fact, nesting on every castle and cathedral we saw. Swarms of swallows darted all over when we were there, and eventually an amazing, powerful thunderstorm came across the high plain and drenched everything. The whole day was a ball!

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